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Happy Sunday to all of my favorite peeps. I hope your Saturday was full of fun and good ‘ol relaxation.My Saturday was spent working of posts and videos for all of you to take a look at this week. I don’t like to toot my own horn, but this week will be full of AMAZING things! However, if you missed any posts or videos from the previous week, then be sure to scroll on down to catch yourself up on the latest happenings.

Is Nivea Men Shave Balm Worth the Hype?

If you’ve been curious at all about this newest craze over a men’s shave balm, then this video is a must watch. I discuss in detail how it has performed on my oily, sensitive skin. I also talk about the pros and cons of this product as well.

Midweek Motivation with Tay!

We got to know all about 16 year old Tay in this week’s midweek motivation post. If you’ve been having a rough week, then you really need to check out this awesome series. If your week is doing amazing, then pay it forward and share the encouragement with your friends. We all have bad days every now and again.

Tay’s Faves: Feb. 2016

This video allows you to see the rare site of Zazzle in a cone. You also get to hear him bump into stuff with it during the entire video. It’s a riot for sure. Not to mention that you get to see all the goodies I’ve been loving during February.

I’d love for you to share your favorite post or video from this week linked down below. I’m always looking for bloggers to read and watch on the ‘ol YouTube. I’ll be back tomorrow with a planner related video. I also may be working on a Vlog to get my fitness journey back in gear!

Talk to you soon!

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Tay’s Faves: Feb. 2016

Don’t you just love when the files corrupt on while editing?! I originally had this February faves filmed a week ago, so that it could be up on the first. However, the files wanted to hate on me, so I filmed it again last night. I don’t have a ton of favorites this month, because I’ve been focusing on my first quarter use its. However, March will probably have a ton of products, because I went on a little drugstore spree. 🙂

Also, a little update on Zazzle. Thank you for all of the kind words on Instagram and on here. The vet said he has a UTI, but we are on lots of antibiotics and pain meds to make us feel better.


I may be a little biased, but I do believe I have the cutest baby in the world!

Thanks for reading!

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Midweek Motivation with Tay!

You’ve all made it to Wednesday so I do believe that a big congratulations in due to all of you reading this post. I have been dealing with a very sick kitty, Zazzle.


He’s been trying to continue his job as assistant photographer, but as you can see he just isn’t feeling up to it. We will be visiting the vet on Thursday though. (Shhhh….don’t tell Zazzle) If your new to my blog, then you probably don’t know that I’m a crazy cat mom. I love my little “cheese puff” with all my heart. He always makes me feel not so lonely when I come home from work. So, please send your happy thoughts our way on Thursday. I cannot afford an extensive vet bill at the moment.

Enough rambling about the cat mom struggle. You didn’t come for complaints, you came to be motivated.

Midweek Motivation

This week’s quote speaks to me in so many ways. Let’s start this week off with a little story time about young and naive Taylor. I’m sure that we all had the ideal career, family, car, house, etc. in our heads while we were growing up. However, I took it upon myself at the age of 16 to formulate this extensive 10 year plan to make sure I met all of these ideal goals. I was ruthless about my plan too. People would tell me all the time how crazy it was to be this methodical with my steps to get to my perfect ideals in my head. Heck looking back, I realize just how crazy it was for a 16 year old to do such a thing. I followed this plan very thoroughly though until I was 19.

For those that don’t know, I’d always dreamt of being a nurse, or so I thought. I’d simply chosen nursing, as a profession, due to the high job demand and the mediocre pay that I knew I could survive on early after college. Let’s not forget the fact that I LOVED science, especially anatomy and physiology, so it seemed the perfect fit for me.

Unfortunately, the death of both grandmothers and a nasty split amongst my parents had me wondering if this plan was even what I’d really wanted. I had one of those infamous “What the heck am I doing with my life?” moments that we’ve all had a time or two. Luckily I did end up in an amazing profession that fits my personality so nicely, but I never would have ended up there if I’d always followed the picture that was in my head.

I spent so many years wondering how this could have happened to me and wondering why my plan had failed so horribly, when I worked so hard to get all of my perfect ideals. But I was beating myself up for something that was simply out of my control. Life happens and the Lord has bigger plans for us than we ever could have imagined for ourselves. Even scripture says “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven;” (Ecclesiastes 3:1a).

This week try not to focus on those “perfect ideals” in your head. We all have a unique and well thought out plan from the Lord above. Don’t waste your life beating yourself up for not meeting the ideals of this world. Instead focus on each opportunity that is given to you  and deal with it as it occurs. This time in your life may not meet your perfect ideals, but it is preparing you for even more than you could have imagined.

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Is Nivea Men Shave Balm Worth the Hype?

Unless you live under a rock, then you’ve probably heard all about the newest obsession on YouTube…Nivea Men’s Shave Balm. It seemed odd to me at first too, so don’t worry you’re not alone in that aspect. It originally become popular from the fabulous Nikkie Tutorials raving about this as a great inexpensive alternative to some high end primers. Since then, it’s become extremely popular amongst a LOT of beauty addicts. I was originally too chicken to try this primer out for myself, because my skin is EXTREMELY sensitive. However, I had some personal friends of mine persuade me to simply give it a try, with it’s low price tag of $5.59. I’m here to say that I’ve put it to the official Tay’s Testing and have formulated my thoughts on this “hyped up” product.

I’d love to know your thoughts and opinions on this shave balm as a primer. Do you think it’s worth the hype?

Thanks for reading!

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Sundays are the Best!

Whether you’re brunching this Sunday or just getting home from Church, I think we can all agree that Sunday is the best day. There’s nothing better than sitting down with a cup of coffee on Sunday afternoon and simply catching up on your favorite bloggers’ happenings. Mind you, I am on my second cup of coffee because I was reliving my glory years last night. I may only be 23, but staying up all night isn’t quite as easy as it used to be..just sayin’.

I’ll be taking some time today to catch up on my fellow bloggers and there posts this week. Please post your favorite post from this week in the comments. I’d love to take a gander at it. And here’s a look at all the happenings of Tay in the blogging and youtube world this week. I hope you enjoy!

Lovatics Palette: Love it or Hate it?

Lovatics Open Palette

This little gem looks absolutely stunning in this photo, but was it worth buying? Find out if it’s worth spending your hard earned money on at the drugstore.

Scuba Aruba PWM + TPB Haul!

I’ve been dabbling quite a bit in the planner world here lately. You’ve probably noticed several “planner” posts come out on my YouTube channel lately. I love combing two of my favorite things in one hobby: crafting and planning.

Midweek Motivation feat. Jessica


If you’re in need of an encouraging post, then look no further than our Midweek Motivation series. Jessica of Wonderfully Lost give us our weekly dose of much needed motivation this week. Just a warning, it will give you all the feels!

Shop Spotlight: Bubba Bear Studios

This video is all about my new favorite sticker shop on Etsy. If you’re a planner girl, then you’ll love checking these unique stickers from Bubba Bear Studios!

Let’s Talk Planners!

Happy Planner Open

If you’ve been curious about which planner is right for you, then this is the post for you. I break down 2 of the most popular types of planners at this time and who they would like them the best. This also let’s you know a little bit more about the planner community itself!

Thank you so much for all of the support this week on Tay’s Life Unscripted! The new readers and subscribers put the biggest smile on my face! It makes all of the hard work so worth it! Don’t forget that you can be featured on our “Midweek Motivation” series too! Simply email me at tayslifeunscripted@gmail.com with your favorite quote and motivation for us all to gobble up!

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Let’s Talk Planners!

If you are an avid YouTube junkie, then you’ve probably noticed this new found obsession with all things planners. I have been a huge planner for the majority of my life, so I automatically took the “planning world” fairly easily. I see it as a way to get organized, but also craft too. It has become super relaxing and fun for me, so I thought I’d share it with all of you.

The Erin Condren Vertical/HorizontalHappy Planner, or Kikki K personal planner are the 3 major planners talked about in the planner community. I personally have the Happy Planner, which is a very close dupe to the Erin Condren Vertical Planner, and a personal planner that I picked up at Target. I’ll be talking about the pros and cons of each of these and how they’ve helped stay organized and focused.

Let’s first start off with the Happy Planner.

Happy Planner Closed

This planner is based on an ARC system, which allows you to lift your pages out very easily. This will allow you to easily write down items in your planner or add pages as well. The Happy Planner brand has a finance packet, fitness packet, and even more that can be added to the back of your planner. This planner also has 3 vertical boxes that will allow you to easily split up different areas of your life and keep them organized.

Happy Planner Open

In this picture, you’ll see that I’ve removed the second part of the February monthly page to show you how easily it can be removed. As you see on the right side of the planner, the 3  separate boxes allow you to split your days up by morning, afternoon, and evening. I personally use them to separate different parts of my life. I usually have one box for YouTube, one of the blog, and the last one is for all personal events in my life. This planner would be perfect for a mom to keep each of her child’s schedules in order as well. This planner retails for $29.99 and does include 18 months.

The personal planner community has recently become extremely popular. Kikki K planners, in particular, have been the “it personal planner” of choice by several people. I found a more pice effective way for me that I absolutely love!

Personal Binder

I picked up this binder in the Target’s Bullseye playground for $3. I also picked up the monthly/weekly pages for $3 and the filler paper for $3 as well. I chose this beautiful floral pattern, but they also had a gold chevron one in stock too.

Personal Monthly

These inserts are completely customizable. You write down the dates and months on each of the pages, which allows you a little more control when you decorate. I tend to write down my pay days and any special days on the monthly spreads.

Personal Weekly

The weekly pages are horizontal, which is a personal favorite of mine. I love having room to write down every thing that I need to get done or be reminded of for specific days. The main reason why I prefer the personal planner to the Happy planner is simple writing space. I need more room to write out my daily to do lists every week.

The best part of this booming “planning community” is the beautiful stickers that have been created on Etsy. I feel like these stickers combine my love of crafting and planning all in one fell swoop, which make me a very happy girl.

Let me know in the comments how you feel about the “new” planning community that is taking over YouTube. Also, what planner do you use to plan with?

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Midweek Motivation Feat. Jessica

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for “Midweek Motivation”. I hope all of you have been enjoying this little pick me up post every single week. I’ve had so much fun with these blog series throughout this past month. If you’re interested in doing a guest blogger post for this series, then be sure to send me an email at tayslifeunscripted@gmail.com.

This week Jessica of Wonderfully Lost is here to give us all a midweek boost.


I’m going to make a bit of a confession here today- I… am a procrastinator. I’m so much of a procrastinator in fact, that my friends tell me that I put the Pro in Procrastinator. Putting off for tomorrow what should be done today may feel good in the moment, but the ugly truth is that when you finally get around to getting things done, you’re typically rushed and under a lot more stress than necessary. That’s what always seems to happen to me, anyways.

One night when I was searching for a good quote for my creative journal, I came across this one that simply says, “Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” At first I didn’t really think much of it, but the more I read it, the more it started to speak to me on a whole different level. I’m a bit of a control freak, and I tend to try and wait for just the right time to get something done because I’m wanting one result or another. But no matter how in-control of life we may think we are, we’re probably dead wrong.

I have many goals set for my life, both long-term and short, but many of them I’ve yet to meet simply because I’ve been putting them off for just the right time. But the cold hard truth is that there will never be just the right time. This quote by author Napoleon Hill has inspired me to begin working on meeting those goals here and now, and to not wait until later. So, my challenge to everyone reading this is to set yourself some lofty yet attainable goals, and take the steps to meet them now-don’t put it off. Meeting your goal will probably be difficult and chances are you’ll be awfully tempted to call it quits along the way, but once you crush that goal you’ll be glad you didn’t wait… because the time will never be just right.

Image 2-18-16 at 4.12 AM

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post. Let me know if you’d like to be a part of this awesome series!

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