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How I Cope with Seasonal Depression….

Happy Thursday Friends!

I hope all of you are having a great week so far. Today’s blog is all about the dreaded seasonal depression (cue the dramatic music). This time of year is very hard on me due to my lack of family and I know that I am not alone. I think that daylight savings also plays a factor in depression this time of the year for me. However, I have developed several coping mechanisms to help me deal with seasonal depression.

Check out this video on how I cope with seasonal depression…


Tay’s Self Help Book Club Intro + Book Giveaway

Happy Monday Friends!

Today’s blog post is one that I am beyond excited to share with everyone. I have been wanting to start a Self Help book club for several years, but I have been so scared to put myself out there and share this. I thought others would think it was dumb or that my opinions didn’t matter. However, some part of me keeps telling me that someone out there needs to be a part of this book club. Today’ I introduced this book club on my YouTube channel. Each week we will be reading a certain number of pages (reading calendar to be shown soon) and I will be sharing my thoughts with everyone on the pages from this past week.

If you would like to enter in the giveaway to win our first book “Attitude Changes Everything” by Sam Glenn. Be sure to check out my new video and enter my GIVEAWAY below!





Stay tuned for the first entry in the book club!

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Get To Know Me Tag!

Happy Thursday Friends!

I hope all of you are having the best day ever! I am beyond happy to be sharing my life with all of you again. I’ve terribly missed sharing my life with you on my channel and blog on the daily. I thought that I’d do a fun get to know me tag to get all of my new internet family properly acquainted. First of all I want to share the website that I got all of these questions off of was YouTube Society. There is actually a whole section on this site that has all kinds of tag questions on it.

I would love to know your thoughts on this video, so be sure to leave a comment for me in the comments section!



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My Favorite Hulu Shows!


Binge watching Netflix and Hulu is one of my favorite past times. There’s nothing better than unwinding from a stressful day of work than by binging shows. My favorite thing about Hulu is that I can watch cable TV shows the next day after they air. I would much rather pay $11.99 than a hefty $80 cable bill! I haven’t had cable in 9 years all thanks to Netflix and Hulu.  For all my Netflix lovers, I do plan on doing a Netflix favorites list as well so be on the look out for that in the near future. Now let’s get started on my favorite shows to watch on Hulu…

The_Handmaid's_Tale_intertitle I just finished the season 2 finale and lets just say I am OBSESSED with this show!! I am a huge fan of dystopian novels and movies, so this show fits the bill perfectly. It’s beyond amazing and literally had me hooked from the first episode. I’m a little bit heart broken that the Season isn’t expected to air until April 2019, but I will for sure be reading the novel this show is based on in the meantime.


I was a huge fan of the original Will and Grace so naturally the revival is on my favorites list! Age hasn’t touch the hilarity of this show one bit. Whether it’s Karen drinking everything in site or Jack calling Will fat every episode, there is so much to love about this revival show. I love that all of my favorite 90’s shows are making a comeback in the best way.


Calling all Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson fans! This show has made me laugh and cry all in the same episode. Some things about this show are semi-realistic, but a lot of the episodes take a hard hitting look at what divorce does to a family. I highly suggest watching if you have gone through a divorce or know someone that has. It’s an absolute favorite of mine for sure.

Let me know your favorite Hulu shows down below in the comments. I am always down for binge watching new shows! I hope you take time to check out my favorite shows if you haven’t yet already.


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Amazing Finds from BH Cosmetics!


Raise your hand if your makeup is struggling from this CRAZY summer heat! I know that mine is without a doubt. I’ve been trying new products like crazy to combat this heat. Lucky for me, I’ve got amazing friends that tell me about great products and of course I share that knowledge with all of you.

Let me start by saying that I have very oily skin that is extremely sensitive. I also tend to have extremely dark circles under my eyes, so if I say I like a concealer then you know it’s amazing.

I’m going to start by talking about the concealer, which I only bought due to the buy one get one 50% off that Ulta has last week. This concealer is rather thick consistency wise and I’m not the biggest fan of the applicator. However, I’ve been using this concealer for 4 days straight now in this crazy Alabama heat without absolutely no creasing.  I will say that it was a little hard to blend out with a brush or a dampened beauty blender, but the coverage is incredible. Overall, I would give this concealer a 5 out of 5!

Next let’s discuss the awesomeness of this setting spray. My friend tried on her hand at the store and noticed the difference it made on her hand, so she decided to buy it. A couple of days later, I get a phone call telling me how essential it is that I try this setting spray out for myself. Guys, this stuff is AMAZING! It makes my makeup last all day long without any issues. The only problem I have had with this spray is that the sprayer doesn’t always spray evenly. Other than that, I would give this setting spray a 5 out of 5 too!

I highly suggest you check out both of these items and let me know if you love them too! Also, don’t forget about the AMAZING buy one, get one 50% going on right now at Ulta. Check out the concealer by clicking here and the setting spray by clicking here!

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Vivian O’Nay: Local Boutique Obsession

“Life is too short to wear boring clothes.”

Top: Vivian O’ Nay | Pants: The Limited | Shoes: Target 

Shopping at boutiques as a plus size girl has never been fun for me in the past. Typically, they only carry sizes XS – L leaving me absolutely no option of shopping there. I would always go in there with my skinny friends and “ooh” and “ah” over the jewelry and shoes, because that’s all I could wear. It was never a fun experience for me. I know I’m not the only one that has felt this way about shopping in boutiques. It’s extremely frustrating to watch all of your skinnier friends find these adorable unique clothes, while your stuck just looking in the jewelry or shoe section.

Lucky for me, I was able to stumble upon this absolutely adorable boutique called Vivian O’Nay in Montgomery, AL that has a whole SECTION of their store dedicated to plus size girls! You can imagine how happy I was walking in there for the first time and actually being able to try on clothes. As a matter of fact, the plus size section has only grown even larger, which makes my plus size heart extremely happy. I cannot even begin to tell you how much money I’ve spent in this store. I absolutely love all of the southern charm of this store and the ADORABLE clothes they offer in ALL sizes!

The great news is that they are also online and on social media, so you can shop from them too! I will link all of their social media sites so that you can check them out. Also, if you’re near the “gump” as we locals call it, then feel free to stop by their store Monday – Friday 10 am – 5:30 pm and Saturday 10 am – 5 pm.

Facebook Page   | Instagram  | Website

Here’s a look at more of the outfits I’ve gotten from Vivian O’Nay…

Shirt, Kimono, and Pull On Flare Leggings all from Vivian O’Nay
Shirt: Ross | Pants: Vivian O’Nay | Shoes: Shoe Station

Let me know your experiences with boutiques before. I love knowing I’m not alone in the plus size girl struggle.


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Happy Fourth of July!


Happy Fourth of July Friends!

In honor of my birthday month and the Fourth of July, I thought I’d bring my blog back from the dead. It’s been entirely too long since I sat down and typed out my feelings and thoughts. I’ve missed all of you so much.

If I’m being totally honest, I have no idea how often or what I’ll be blogging. I have simply missed sharing so much of my life with all of you. I think the last time I was actively posting on here was over 2 years ago (Gasp). I went over to YouTube full time, because trying to keep up with both was extremely hard for me to accomplish successfully. I was really big into YouTube for a while too, but slowly work took over my life. However, I’ve decided that it’s time to do something just for me again that I love and that brings me joy. I will be trying my hardest to post on YouTube regularly again beginning next week.

I guess this post is honestly just to say that I’ve missed expressing myself through my blog and I’m excited to share more of my life with all of you. Please let me know if you have any post requests or ideas for me. I’m literally flying by the seat of my pants with what I’ll posting for now.

Also, don’t forget to check me out my other social media accounts too.

Facebook  . Instagram  . YouTube .

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